Southern California’s Premier
Canna-Business Accelerator


part of the CanopyBoulder family


Canopy San Diego™ is a mentorship-driven, seed-stage investment program for startups in the legal cannabis-ancillary industry.
Legal cannabis-ancillary companies provide business solutions, services, and products for the cannabis industry.

Sectors we invest in include:

Grow Technology

Applications for lighting, design, processes/management, mechanical systems, automation, and safety.

Energy & Water Technology

Applications aimed at decreasing cultivation energy and water costs.

Payments & Banking

Solutions for the transactional, cash management and credit needs of the cannabis community.

Back Office

Software for the unique HR, accounting, inventory, and CRM demands on cannabis professionals.

Internet & Social Media

Solutions for information sharing, online communities, advertising and advocacy.

Data & Analytics

Solutions for aggregating, managing, analyzing and presenting the large amounts of disparate data in the cannabis industry.

Certification & Standardization

Solutions to improve reliability and safety in manufacturing processes and consumer products.


Solutions which address the unique needs of packaging cannabis related products, including labeling and storage.

Extraction & Processing Technology

Solutions for efficiently processing plant matter into various extraction forms.


Solutions to refine, communicate and promote the health applications of cannabis-derived products.


Canopy San Diego is looking to support women-led & minority-led companies