Slide into the Future – Vapor Slide

06 Nov Slide into the Future – Vapor Slide

 Vapor Slide V-1 is an innovative product that can be used independently or in the stem of a water pipe. The team  behind Vapor Slide identified the main methods people consume cannabis is through a glass pipe or on the go, and combined the concept of both to create a product that targets consumers who enjoy both approaches to cannabis consumption.   

The mission of Vapor Slide is to produce cleaner, more effective, and convenient ways to use concentrates. The Vapor Slide V-1’s 1g CO2 extract cartridge can last up to three weeks on a single fill which saves the customer time and money compared to other consumption methods. The dual shape of the body allows the user to slide it into the stem of a water pipe or to use it as a powerful pen vaporizer on its’ own. The L-ion rechargeable battery gives higher amperage that produces more vapor and includes a dial that puts the user in control of the amount of vapor. The durable body is made from 6120 aircraft aluminum with a hardened rubberized plastic handle. The Vapor Slide V-1 airflow technology permits button free use which ensures the user a consistent hit each time.

Brendan Gills, Dustin Lato, Mark Frank, Nadia Choucair, and Jay Penrod came together to create the Vapor Slide, and shared the same vision of creating a product that combined the usability of both a water pipe and on the go consumption tool for the cannabis consumer.  Brendan Gill who is the CEO, with his professional background in entertainment business, Gill contributes to Vapor Slide by overseeing the design, BOM, schematics, and photography of the brand. Dustin Lato, COO, manages the marketing, branding, and graphic design. Mark Frank, graduated with Suma Cum Laude and an engineering degree, creates the 3D CAD designs and engineering of product functionality. With a marketing degree, Nadia Coucair focuses on marketing and public relations for Vapor Slide.

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Source: Direct Cannabis Network

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