MyStrain – Making Cannabis Simple

13 Nov MyStrain – Making Cannabis Simple

MyStrain is a company from Palo Alto, California, that works with dispensaries to create hundreds of symbols for popular cannabis strains in the efforts to create brand recognition. By developing symbols such as a sleek white spider outline for the White Widow strain, or a curved blend of pastels for Northern Lights, MyStrain makes identifying individual strains easier for cannabis consumers.

The company’s website has a list of hundreds of strains and all the basic information a buyer or seller will need to know about each strain. Each MyStrain label gives an overview of its’ properties. Properties include what percentage of the strain is indica or sativa, and a summarized list of the top effects of the strain. By using verbiage such as “euphoric, energy, red or dry eyes,” everyday cannabis consumers understand immediately what they are getting in terms of effects.

Another benefit to the MyStrain’s labeling is the fact the company has identified strains that produce paranoia or an anxious effect, which is helpful for a patient that may be new to cannabis, and looking to avoid strains that may be too intense for first time users. The label also lists related or similar strains, so if a user enjoys or  doesn’t enjoy a specific strain, they will know which strains to either avoid or test out next time.

MyStrain’s platform benefits both consumers and businesses in identifying key markets that generate more favor for certain strains over others. MyStrain’s site  lists closest dispensaries to users and shows what strains are available by visiting their website.  Any user can register for free to save and review strains they enjoy or explore new strains. For a fee of $30 a month, companies are able to access statistical reports on strains sold and interest in specific strains in their area.

For California dispensaries, business owners can now print labels with compliance information for the state and customize their labels to their specific location and business. Each Mystrain label contains scannable links to the dispensaries and product profiles so purchasers can check out more information about where their cannabis is coming from. Additionally, anyone can purchase stickers of their favorite strains on their website along with shirts with strain imagery too.

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Source: Direct Cannabis Network

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