Fall 2016 Demo Day Videos



Apothecarry Brands is a purveyor of high end cannabis accoutrement.  Our premier product, the Apothecarry Case, is a sleek and sexy storage and humidor system designed to safely keep cannabis at its freshest, most optimum quality while providing luxury tools and humidity control for the discriminating connoisseur.

Direct Cannabis Network is the leading digital news network focused on the startups, entrepreneurs and innovative companies in the legal cannabis industry.

Icarus RT is an engineering company that provides a low-cost power boosting solution for solar panels.  Icarus boost system is a complimentary solar power product – attached at the back of the panel it absorbs the heat from the solar panel and converts it into additional 25% power output.

Large-scale commercial cannabis cultivations can automatically track every plant and effortlessly manage compliance with Lodestone Data’s RFID-based grow-management and inventory platform.  Plants are automatically identified as they move through the cultivation facility which eliminate human error and minimizes labor required for data entry by staff.

LooseLeaf Tech is a secure platform for medical cannabis patients to document their cannabis usage to achieve better health outcomes.  Patients can identify a personalized treatment protocol that works best for them.  Crowdsourcing this data lets patients share experiences, collaborate, and learn from other patients with the same conditions.

LoudCloud creates a community that connects cannabis consumers to retailers and streamlines the on-boarding process in a HIPAA secure cloud.  After a consumer uploads their documents, they simply use their state ID to purchase medical marijuana from any of the LoudCloud approved retailers provided to them on a map.

The explosive demand for extracted cannabis oil has created a supply bottleneck that will continue into the foreseeable future.  MycoCann’s proprietary biological soil additives can potentially triple oil production for cannabis growers without adding a single plant – all while reducing fertilizers.  Help us revolutionize how cannabis is grown!

Yobi is a cloud-based, store management solution that removes the pain points of day-to-day operations of dispensaries by taking proven processes from leading retail brands, and applying them to the cannabis space.