Investors are the fuel that runs the Canopy ecosystem. We work closely with each investor to ensure a good fit, both in terms of investment and culture. Our community of investors works closely to help us select, mentor, and fund the portfolio companies.

Why Invest in Canopy San Diego?

Lower risk entry to legal cannabis ancillary sector – use our diversified platform to invest in a high-risk sector and learn about the industry.  Investor members will have investments in and exposure to roughly 40 companies over 2 years.

Increased opportunity for higher returns – our follow-on funding strategy is unique in the accelerator space and will increase the chances for higher returns.  Please contact us for details.

Access to our portfolio companies – our cohort structure will allow investor members the ability to meet and interact with our portfolio companies. Additionally, investor members will be given the opportunity to invest in any of the Canopy accelerators’ companies (Boulder, San Francisco, etc.)

First mover advantage – we are the first cannabis ancillary business accelerator in Southern California. We will be attracting top-tier companies, strategic partners, investors and resources without local competition

Access to our network – the cannabis investment community is a small but growing community. We have partnered with the leaders in the industry, including CanopyBoulder, Arcview, and OutCo.

Early success – CanopyBoulder’s 2015 accelerator has a projected book value well-above comparative investment returns in only 18 months.  Please contact us for more information.

Who Invests in Canopy Accelerators?

Investors that understand the high-growth potential of the cannabis sector but may not be ready to invest directly into cannabis companies or don’t have the time to research the best opportunities in the rapidly developing market.

Investors that are interested in making direct investments in the cannabis ancillary market but want to use the Canopy accelerators to learn about and source the best early stage investment opportunities.

Our investors span a wide range of backgrounds, industries, geographies and motivations but share a belief in the opportunity presented by the cannabis industry.

Our investors are encouraged to be active participants by volunteering to mentor, helping select companies for each class, and otherwise engaging with the Canopy community.

Some Legal Details

All Canopy accelerators are closed-ended investment vehicles open only to accredited investors.  These are high-risk, illiquid investments in startup firms. We invest in the legal cannabis industry by providing funding, mentorship, and an intensive business boot-camp to entrepreneurs.  Our focus is on ancillary solutions, products, and services.