Portfolio Companies


An intuitive scalable platform for retail cannabis.


Cannabis Goes Digital. Traffic Roots brings Cannabis to the digital marketing landscape. Big Data analytics meets scalable ROI's


MJ Hybrid Solutions is an online sales training and educational platform that develops cannabis retail professionals to be able to meet the consumers' needs while increasing business profitability.


The Apothecarry Brands, LLC is a purveyor of luxury cannabis accoutrement, providing sleek and sexy luxury storage and humidor systems for the cannabis connoisseur.


BudTender allows Canadian consumers the ability to order cannabis on their mobile device and skip dispensary lines.


Direct Cannabis Network is a digital news platform that is dedicated to profiling the startups, entrepreneurs and innovative companies in the cannabis industry.


EventHi is an event management platform built, for the Cannabis culture, we are an online technology that helps bring people together offline.


Commercial cannabis growers save time, money, and labor, while effortlessly managing compliance by adopting our innovative, RFID-based, grow management and inventory platform


Ripe Metrics is a Customer Experience Management platform providing key insights to the cannabis industry to improve their business through a deeper understanding of their customers.


Icarus-RT develops revolutionary, low-cost, off-grid renewable power systems ideal for cannabis cultivation operations.


LooseLeaf Tech is secure platform for patients and healthcare providers to collaborate and gather data on the benefits of medicinal cannabis


A central database of verified medical marijuana patients that enables retailers to process patients 100x faster